Article 7: Believe In Yourself!

Believing in yourself doesn’t mean that you don’t have any faults or as long as you don’t make any mistakes.  We all make mistakes but it is what you do once the mistakes has been recognized which determines how things will unfold.  Knowingly misleading, deceiving or misrepresenting yourself will inevitably lead to your downfall.  However, it doesn’t mean that you are a failure or that you cannot right the wrong.  Take control of the situation, admit your error and then be prepared for the consequences.  It is only then that that you can begin to believe in yourself. 

No matter how many weaknesses you may think you have today, no matter how many times you fall, you’ve got to get right back up again and hold your head up high.  Don’t allow circumstances to bring strife into your life by deceiving you into thinking that you are not “good enough”.  Stand strong in your thoughts about yourself knowing that not only have you been chosen, for such a time as this, but you are a winner!

You only fail if you continue to move forward in a direction that you know is not the best for you and/or your clients.  Your reputation is founded on your credibility, knowledge and ability to provide others with the service they have requested.

Working towards becoming a better you will ultimately translate into higher confidence, in you and your abilities, more business will be generated because you know you are providing the best product/service available for your clients.

Everyone wants to work with a winner because a “true” winner wants the best for everyone!

Jeffrey A. Mohr – Founder
Rdestiny, LLC – Business Consultants