Article 6: Always Be Joyful!

Being joyful is so much easier said than done.  It takes a very determined mind to be able to not only have moments of joy but a presence of everlasting joyful.  Some might say it can’t be done and based on what is going on with the economy, business and families that claim would be hard to dispute.  However, we all need to recognize that joy comes from within.  It is a place we all have inside of us where we go for comfort, happiness or maybe for a smile.  True, the circumstances of life work hard to separate us from our joy but that doesn’t mean you can’t call upon it at any given time. 

Not allowing others to steal your joy is what each one of us needs to work towards.  Joy stealers come in the form of words, actions, unpleasant situations others put us in or their bad decisions somehow impact us.  Keeping a positive mental perspective is key to establishing a joy boundary line.  Even though negative circumstances come your way that doesn’t mean you have to buy into them.

Limit your exposure to negative people, words or situations.  Realize that you must be apart of meetings and conversations which directly affect you but that doesn’t mean that what others say is the ultimate truth.  Their perspective on a situation is just that – Their Perspective.  Take charge of your mind by seeing things in a more positive light.  Your joy is your source of strength. Develop your own perspective which is built upon Joy and it will never be stolen again! 

Jeffrey A. Mohr – Founder
Rdestiny, LLC – Business Consultants