Article 5: Rise Above Your Circumstances!

Whenever an unexpected package arrives at our door we all inevitably have two sets of emotion kick in.  The first is excitement, because it could be a fun gift from a very thoughtful person.  The second is apprehension, because it could be something negative because we didn’t request it.  These types of situations happen every day.  Not necessarily with a delivered package but with every email, voice mail or piece of traditional U.S. Mail.  As you may have guessed the second reaction, apprehension, is usually the fall back response we all gravitate to because we know from past experience that whether it is an email, voice or regular mail someone is going to be requesting something from us. 

When these little packages arrive recognize that this is an opportunity for you to rise above whatever the circumstance.  Always remember that not one adversity that you go through will ever be wasted.  Each one will be used to strengthen your resolve, increase your maturity and prepare you for promotion.  Simply remain faithful and fight through the circumstance, knowing the best is yet to come.  Stay strong and never quit.  The only way you will ever lose is if you give up and let others determine your future.

In due season you will receive all the answers to today’s adversity if you remain calm and continue to do what you know to do.  Seek out others who have gone where you want to go.  Your new level of victory is on the horizon, and you will live the abundant life that has been promised to you – If you don’t quit!

Jeffrey A. Mohr – Founder
Rdestiny, LLC – Business Consultants