Article 45: My Future is Brighter than I Know – If Only I didn’t feel the Need to Know!

For many of us that statement speaks volumes.  We are doing all we know to do and yet it still feels like we are not making any progress.  We don’t know what else to do and the ability to remain positive becomes increasingly more difficult.  We have worked the plan to the best of our ability, pursued every plausible opportunity but yet the fruits of our labor have yet to manifest.  What is going on?

What is going on is we have exhausted all of our low and mid range hanging fruit (ideas) and now it is time to take a step back, review where we are at, what we have accomplished and wait for the next instruction.  However, during this lull there is a tendency to fill our mind with excess baggage in the form of; fear, worry and doubt.  Why are these thoughts coming into your head? - Mainly because we are people of progress.  We like to see things advance.  When delay arrives we begin to dwell on the negative and forget about the positive.  We single handedly create an environment where negative thoughts thrive and flourish while dreams are derailed and slowed.  This lull is part of the journey and what we do while in it determines how we come out of it. 

Sometimes I think it would be great if each morning we could go to our computer and pull up a spreadsheet which would show what we are suppose to do for every area of our life in order to set in motion what we need the following day, week, year, to get us where we want to go.  In this type of world; the guess work would be eliminated, there would be no wasted time or effort, and everything you did would be done with confidence knowing that somehow it was part of the master plan. 

In essence that is what takes place every morning we get up and start the daily grind of task creation and completion.  Because whether you realize it or not every decision you makes either pushes you closer to your dreams or farther away.  The problem is we just can’t see how our current actions create our future.  Mainly because there is no one standing next to us with a clipboard who can clearly point out the correlation of how what we achieved, the favor we were granted or the deal that went down was because of what we did a day, year or ten years ago.  You are setting up your future every day and even though you can’t match up your daily actions with the future result you must remain confident that your good works are creating the desired results.

It is during these lulls that we must remain keen to the circumstances around us, listen to our inner voice, remain receptive and work with integrity and honesty all the while keeping a positive attitude that it will all work out for our good if we just don’t quit.  Sure that may be a hard place to get to as you glance at a pile of bills to your right and an endless list of problems on your left but know this - All things will work out for your good if you are willing, obedient and do all you know to do.  The road map to your future always presents itself.  It is usually right in front of you if you take the time to slow down and look. 

The problem for many who are working the plan and have done all they know to do is what to do while they are waiting for their next instruction.  The silence and stillness of no activity has them question their efforts, not trusting their work, creating meaningless tasks, and doubting their ability to succeed.  They don’t know what to do and not knowing the next step causes fear, worry and doubt - the big three of internal destructive behavior and self sabotage. 

Don’t allow the down time to destroy your previous efforts but rather view it like a great pot of chili and let all of the ingredients slowly cook and simmer together.  Take stock that you have done all the preparation, created the right environment, applied the correct actions and now you just need to relax and wait while time begins to take your raw ingredients and turn them into a delightful delicacy.  Remember your successes and focus on your future.  See this as a time of rest, a place of peace and solitude. 

This is the time where you allow yourself to get refreshed, reenergized and rejuvenated.  You don’t get complacent, irresponsible or lazy but rather you rebuild your stamina, change your perspective and get a clearer focus of the goal you are working to accomplish.  Free your mind from fear, worry and doubt.  Regain your confidence and drive. Realize what you do in the down time is what sets you up for victory in due time! 

Jeffrey A. Mohr – Founder
Rdestiny, LLC – Business Consultants