Article 44: Your Vises Are Your Downfall!

Reading that your vises are your downfall is not really new news to anyone – Until NOW!  Usually when an article is written discussing the things which hold us back and limit our future they refer to the vises of; alcohol, sex, and drugs.  Those are your usual suspects.  Now as bad as they are these are the obvious downfall killers but equally as deadly are their little discussed siblings and cousins.

During the work day most people if they do have any of the above dangerous three (3) vises get along and use a variety of techniques to disguise, limit and keep those activities under control.  Now I realize that many can’t but for the most part the casual user of the three have some type of restraint available which allows them to function until the dark genie calls them later in the day.  Closely related to those 3 are others which seem innocent enough but once exposed you will see how they too create a path of destruction and your downward spiral.

Here are just a few; Watching too much TV, Sleeping too much, Internet surfing, Extensive social online networking, Extended lunches, Arrive late/Leave early, Job apathy, Workplace victim mentality, etc.  So now many of you are saying that there is no way those activities are kin to the big three.  I would beg to differ because each one is no different than that first drink taken, X rated site search or experimental drug usage. It may have seemed innocent enough, in the beginning, but once the deed was done a seed was planted and that is what can turn an experiment into a destructive addiction.  

The above lesser discussed are kind of sneaky because we justify them as ways to unwind and get ourselves recalibrated for the next day, which originally was the case and it did exactly what it was designed.  However, what started out as a few hours of TV, an extra 10 minute lunch or minor job complacency over time turns into time wasters and ultimately dream diminishers.  We all need to unwind but too much of a good thing quickly turns into more than we bargained for.  It ends up costing us more than we expected, staying longer than we desired and doing things we thought weren’t even in our character.  Those seeming less innocent activities quickly take on a life of their own and before long dictate how we spend our time.  No longer do we just enjoy them now we crave them and like any good addiction we need more to get that originally feeling.

It has been said and proven out that any activity, good or bad, which you do consistently over a period of 30 days or more, will become a habit.  Now that’s great news for those constructive habits which will help us achieve our dreams but bad news for our guilty pleasures.  Habits are great things but when they begin to work against us and change our prospective then we need to quickly view them as no different than the famous three.  So if you want to change a habit that is hindering you the thing you must do is conquer it one hour at a time.  The hourly will be become daily, daily turns into weekly and before you know it the 30 day window has expired and you have taken a major leap towards freedom.   Now should you take a step back, at any time during the 30 days, or there after, you just need to acknowledge and claim the hours where you were successful as victorious and then just restart the clock.  All habits can be broken it’s just a matter of not giving up, staying the course and continuing to maintain your focus!

If you want to not only keep your head in the game but realize all of the good work you have put in over the years you must increase your awareness of those less discussed daily, weekly or monthly habits which ultimately will cause your downfall and leave you wondering, “What Happened?” What happened was your daily distractions destroyed your daily pursuits.  The world has a societal landfill overflowing with broken dreams and people wondering, “Where did it all go wrong?”  It was their secret guilty pleasure gone wild and out of control.

The key is to keep yourself aware of what you are doing at all times so your down time won’t become your downfall!  Constantly evaluate what activities, thoughts or deeds you do on a regular basis.  Then make a conscious decision to change it up before it changes you!


Jeffrey A. Mohr – Founder
Rdestiny, LLC – Business Consultants