Article 38: Breaking the Law – One Association at a Time!

They say you become like those you are around.  Sometimes spouses begin to look alike not necessarily because there is some type of physical transformation, although I have witnessed that as well, but rather because their mannerism, tone, attitude and preferences become so similar that they appear to be one.  Well, that too often happens within the business networking community.  You see, we all tend to gravitate towards those who are similar to us.  Think and act like we do.  These people bring comfort to us and their actions become somewhat predictable which takes a lot of the guess work out of the relationship.  Now that in and of itself isn’t necessary a bad thing but it can be a limiting one.

Far too many people refuse to step out and make contact or embrace others who do not appear to work in the same space they do.  One reason can be attributed to, fear.  Fear of possibly not having shared conversational interest or maybe concern of not being accepted or willing to open up to those of a different mindset.  For many this tends to be the case with people in every circle of their lives; Social, Business, Spiritual, Emotional and Financial. 
Truth be told, if you are the smartest, most driven, creative, financially successful of any group than you more than likely have outgrown that group and you must add to your circle of influence or your ability to advance has ended!  I’m not saying that you need to discard those current relationships but know that you are more than likely giving out more than they could ever offer in return.  Sometimes you need to move those who are currently in your inner circle to a circle just once removed.  Doesn’t mean you don’t spend time with them but rather that you are reallocating part of your time towards other relationships which can nurture you as you have nurtured them.

We all need to be stretched when it comes to our relationships because everyone has a story to tell with skills, talents and experiences different than ours.  If we do not expand our network than we will be the same in five years as we are today.  It’s through new contacts that we allow ourselves to grow as well as begin to create an environment where others can benefit from our knowledge. 

The bottom line is that we all must expand or circle of influence, reach out to those we have not spent time with and make a concerted effort to get to know at least one new person each month for 2009.

Know this; you will never know what opportunities you would have missed until you give your opportunities a chance to speak with you!

Jeffrey A. Mohr – Founder
Rdestiny, LLC – Business Consultants