Article 37: Do You Operate Your Business Like a Rock Star?

Believe it or not many, after reading this article, will find that how they think, operate and what they do with respect to their daily as well as upcoming activities mirrors that of a Rock Star.  Granted none of us are going to be confused with Mick Jagger but never the less once we delve into the Rock Star mind and begin to dissect how they think you will see that you are either a Rock Star in training or need to make some changes in the way you operate in order to get back your Business Executive title.

For the past 30 years I have always gravitated to more of the classic/hard rock genre and at that time never really knew anyone who was in the business to figure out how these people thought.  All I knew was that it appeared to be different.  Well flash forward 25 years and I have been fortunate enough, at least that’s my spin on it, to feed and finance several future Rock Star’s and their bands.  Along the way not only did I see a lot of great performances but also developed bonds with these very creative people. 

I say the above not to showcase my connections but rather to build a case that I have a deeper insight into the Rock Star mind than most.  These individuals rarely think long term.  Oh sure they all have a vision on how they would like things to go, venues to perform, and other artist they would like to meet but by and large they live in the moment.  They have a vague idea what is going on tomorrow or when their next gig is but if you ask even the simplest of questions regarding the details of an event such as; when does it start, where is the venue located, who is opening for you, inevitably you will get the deer in the headlight look.  I don’t say that in any disparaging way at all it is just how they operate.

The Rock Star views things like the unfolding of a scroll.  They don’t need to know the entire route/game plan but rather just need to know what they need to do next.  Even then details that most of us would be curious about (Event transportation, lodging, flight information) are things they view as on a need to know basis.  Meaning when it is time for them to know someone will either provide them with it or they’ll figure it out at that moment.  Rock Stars don’t get bogged down with the many hassles the rest of us fret over.  By and large they are calm, intelligent people with a good outlook and great situational problem solving skills.

Now I mention the above so that each of us can see if we have too much/little Rock Star in us to become a successful business person.  Too much Rock Star would mean that we too do not think or plan for the future.  We take things as they come and situations dictate our day and decisions.  We are not really in control of how things are progressing but living more in the moment and missing potentially critical changes we should be making. 

The too little Rock Star is someone on the other end of the spectrum.  The person who is constantly figuring and refiguring strategy while over thinking decisions and questioning their every move.   This type of behavior makes them unproductive and in some ways counter productive. 

The same is true for the Rock Star; there is no way that they would ever achieve success unless they do one of two things.  One, change their habits, which is highly unlikely, or Two, seek out someone who can manage the details, get them from point A to point B, as well as find opportunities for them to showcase their talent.  We all know this person as - The Manager.  With a manager on board they now have someone who is genetically engineered to think in ways that they wouldn’t wish on their worst enemy.  The manager is their lifeline to achieving their dreams of being able to play music, entertain and get paid for it.

Here is the key to the story.  Everyone must make an unbiased assessment of their current circumstances and see if they have too much or too little Rock Star in them.  It doesn’t matter which end you fall because the solution is essentially the same.  You need to either find someone who will mentor you, a person who has strength in areas which are different from you, or hire a part time professional who will work with you on a project by project basis.  Hiring the project person is the best solution because the cost is lower than a full time employee and you will have someone committed to your cause which will allow your business to generate revenue faster and with less trial and error expenses.  The other benefit of hiring is you will see first hand how this type of professional thinks, views situations and create solutions, an education that most Universities aren’t offering but one we all need.

The bottom line is, the world continues to change and the amount of things we are expected to know, react to and accomplish within our respective businesses is becoming overwhelming and making our decisions harder and companies obsolete before their time.  Change is inevitable and there is no stopping it but there are ways to take advantage.  The key is to recognize your strengths, determine your weaknesses and then take a hard look and see if you have the right balance of Rock Star/Business Executive in your profile. 

Once you have done your assessment you will know if either you need to dust off that guitar/drums and make a career change or seek outside help so you can become the Rock Star of the business world.  The choice is yours but don’t delay because if you refuse to choose someone inevitably will make the choice for you and I guarantee it won’t be the one you want!

Jeffrey A. Mohr – Founder
Rdestiny, LLC – Business Consultants