Article 36: Your Vision is Your Future!

Want to have a clear idea what is in store for your future?  If so, just check out your vision.  This applies to every area of your life; home, work, family, marriage, etc.  Where you have vision you have direction and direction breeds movement and movement creates action and action will get you one step closer to possessing your vision.  However, the opposite is also true so if you are lacking in direction, movement or action just know that your vision is being compromised.

It is easy to spot the areas in your life where your vision exists because thought of joy replace sadness, peace overshadows anger and happiness clouds out depression.  If there are areas in your life where your vision no longer exists or has become dim than take inventory regarding what is going on in those specific areas.  Determine to create a plan to identify, attack and conquer those negative thoughts so that your vision, quickly, gets back on track.

Anytime vision is present opposing forces will always try and take over.  They may come from within your family, friends or coworkers.  Some people get envisions of those who have vision because vision represents life and a hope for the future.  If your vision can be squashed then your will and emotions are most certainly next on the attack list.  Safe guard your vision by being selective on those whom you share it.  Post pictures and quotes which promote your vision all around you so that your eye gate is always protected.  Listen to encouraging/uplifting messages so that your mind is always active.

Sometimes visions appear to get derailed when in fact they are just getting realigned.  Your vision is secure as long as you believe in yourself, limit those who have ulterior motives, plan your actions and do what is right regardless of what it costs!

Jeffrey A. Mohr – Founder
Rdestiny, LLC – Business Consultants