Article 34: Where/What/Who?

Have you ever wondered if you qualify for some of the motivational quotes which show up in your inbox?  Many times I know that I have read one of these inspirational writings and thought “Yep, that’s me.  I’m on the right track, thinking correctly and doing all the right things!”  I might even give myself a pat on the back.  However, there are other times when I have read one of these inspirational writings and other thoughts creep into my mind.  Thoughts such as; “Hmmm, I use to think that way but right now I’m not” or “I guess I don’t qualify for that motivator because I can’t easily identify my actions with the quote.”  Now I’m not against any of these quotable people but want to make sure when we read their quotes that we keep the context in proper perspective and don’t see the words as condemnation but rather encouragement to keep us on the right track while we continue to reach towards our own goals. 

I can almost assuredly guarantee you that no one was seeking quotes from these individuals while they were trying to master their craft.  In fact, I bet if you would have interviewed any of them as they were in the process of making their mark that what they were experiencing would not be much different than many of our current day circumstances.  Plus, more than likely their pearls of wisdom would not have been at the forefront of their tongue or mind, either.  Just because you cannot currently identify with the saying doesn’t mean you are disqualified. 

Here is a sample of a very popular quote which is attributed to Denis Watley, “Winners can tell you where they are going, what they plan to do along the way, and who will be sharing the adventure with them.”  Now I have no idea exactly who Denis Watley is other than I know he has quite a few quotations associated with his name.  However, I’m sure his business beginnings were very similar to most of ours.  He may have started out his course in life with the above words but along the way, inevitably, he experienced setbacks, disappointments and delays. More than likely he had moments which no longer lined up with his now famous quote.  In fact, I would venture to say that many who may have known he subscribed to those sentiments saw him when he was not at his peak and probably didn’t consider him a “Winner”, a label, at times, he might not even have given himself.

Who amongst us has not started out a new business venture or project with similar ideals?  We have the Where/What/Who worked out only to have unforeseen circumstances blow our way and seemingly take us off course.  We gave it our best shot, tried our hardest but for whatever reason it just didn’t work out.  That doesn’t mean we no longer can be considered in the “Winner” category it just means we are in a period of realignment.  This is the time when, in my opinion, “True Winners” are created. A true winner is someone who can keep their head up and continue to move forward when “Where they are going, What they plan to do and Who will be sharing the adventure” has unraveled and the only thing they have left is their internal fortitude. 

I say all of the above to make the point that quotes are a great tool if taken correctly.  Don’t allow them to bring you down but realize if you can’t identify with them that you either need to change your thinking or understand that you are in a period of transition and given time you will ultimately get back your - Where/What/Who!

Jeffrey A. Mohr – Founder
Rdestiny, LLC – Business Consultants