Article 32: Seed Your Time, Talent and Energy!

Three more powerful seed sowing words have never been written and proved themselves over time.  They are the lifeline to our livelihood and allow us to succeed and move forward in every area of our life.  Whether you are a farmer, family man or financial planner each one of us can keep those three little words to ourselves and achieve little or plant them out and receive an abundance.

What seed do you have today that you can plant?  Not necessarily into soil but how about into someone’s business, life or dream?  Money is what people usually think of when they hear about “seed” planting but that is only one source.  Equally important are the seeds of time, talent and energy.  Many times just throwing money at someone’s problem only delays the inevitable or causes them to make unwise decisions. Most times the better response, when someone is in need, is to help them figure out what circumstances have they created or have come about which has put them in this new position.  Giving of your time is you’re most precious resource because once you spend it there is no getting it back.  You can give money and then make more money but giving any of those precious 24 hours can never be replaced. 

Other solutions may not require time or money but rather your talent.  Talent being your acquired skill, knowledge or ability to solve problems.  We all enjoy and look forward to being compensated for our skills, and there is nothing wrong with that, but sometimes you need to dig a little deeper and give of that talent so that someone else may be able to move forward.  I like to use 10% as my minimum talent giving to those in the business community.  Meaning for every ten paying projects I work on I give back at least one to someone for free.  Sometimes it is within my paying client base but more times than not I’m lead to give to someone who has no real possible way of paying for my services.  They definitely need my help but for whatever reason they are in a cash poor situation.  The thing about it is that more times than not I actually enjoy working on those projects more than the paying ones.  The main reason I seed my talent is because I believe in what that person is doing and know that sometimes we all need someone to invest in us for our situation to turn around.

Energy.  I consider the giving of energy in two forms, physical and task.  Physical energy is pretty self explanatory.  It involves the use of a strong back, arms, and/or legs to help someone move an object or maybe complete an outside task.  The other, task energy, includes providing  transportation, running errands, or attending a function that is special to them.  Sometimes giving of my energy is the hardest because it requires true sacrifice.  Now don’t get me wrong I’m not one to say “Yes” to everything people request of me but there are times where I know that the one thing which would do the most good for that individual is for me to give of my energy.

The main point to remember when starting the time, talent and energy giving route is to go into it without any kind of expectation, desire to receive from the individual you helped, or trusting that your giving will come back to you in the same timeframe in which you gave it.  I can tell you from personal experience that I give about 20 times more than I ever receive but that’s OK because when and what I do receive far exceeds what I have planted and the people who give back are from sources that I didn’t even consider or many times even know that they knew I was interested in working with them.

Now there are many more types of giving but the above three should be listed somewhere on your giving list because they typically do more for people than you could ever know, dream or imagine.

Jeffrey A. Mohr – Founder
Rdestiny, LLC – Business Consultants