Article 30: Relationships are like Seasons

One of the great things about living in the Midwest is that we get to experience all four seasons.  Granted some are not the most desirable, last a little too long or end up shorter than desired but none the less we get to experience seasonal change, which is not the case for every state or even every region of the world.

The information I am going to share in this topic, relationships, is universal with respect to personal as well as business.  Not very many topics translate so well to both sides of the fence but I have found that there are more similarities than differences because the common denominator is people.

First let’s accept the premise that we all have people in areas of our lives that we either look forward to seeing, have confidence in their ability, unsure about there motives, question their abilities or even wonder what act of God will it take for them to be moved on to another company or part of the world.  Truth is that people are kind of like an infinite treadmill where they are exceeding (running), meeting (Brisk Walk) or falling short (Standing Still) of our expectations and conversely we to them as well. 

The thing to always keep in mind is to know that more than likely everyone you come in contact with, except your spouse, is probably only there for a season.   Meaning people are brought into our lives to either help advance our projects/future or delay them.  The difficulty isn’t, in the beginning, figuring out the above for people in our business as well as social lives but rather after time has passed and relationships or goals have changed have those same people also adjusted their role or do they continue to keep on as they always have, displaying behavior or attitudes which no longer advance your model.

Don’t get hung up on people wanting or needing to leave.  The fact of the matter is that it is quite possible that they have done all they can for you, or you for them, and now it is time to embrace new people who have a different mindset, history and way of thinking.  A lot of people really get hung up on change but more times than not change is the reason we advance.  Never beg people to stay when they have indicated they want to go.  If you do you are only delaying the inevitable, which translates to their lack of desire to be there or your displeasure about what concessions you had to make in order for them not to leave.  Ultimately they will end up leaving or you will be showing them the door.  Trust me that last statement is a truth that extends all types of relationships.

Just know that as long as you keep doing the following:

  1. Do what you know to do
  2. Invite experts into your circle of influence. People who will challenge your methods/thinking
  3. Continue to increase your knowledge in your area of expertise

You will always continue to move in a direction of success!

Jeffrey A. Mohr – Founder
Rdestiny, LLC – Business Consultants