Article 29: Pride – The #1 Reason For Failure!

It continues to amaze me how many business owners would rather go down in flames with their business than enlist the support of others to help them succeed.  I have witnessed first hand owners being thrown a lifeline on how to change their circumstances and the owner dismisses the ideas without ever listening.  

Don’t misunderstand me many who say they are there to help may have ulterior motives but that isn’t always the case.  One of the easiest ways to discern between the two is to listen to their proposition and hear if the words they are using are self servicing or rather for your self interest.  A true sales professional is there to add value, solve problems and resolve issues.  They know the value of a win-win solution and never make one sided sales because they know those types of sales always turns into – One time sales.

Far too many times the real issue with business owners is that they believe that since they established the company, and it may have been modestly successful, that they know it all, or at least more than anyone else.  While I’m not discounting the fact that they did originally have the vision, I am saying that it is because of that mindset that all of those businesses will ultimately self destruct.   It may take 6 months, 1, or even 10 years but know this it will fail because any of us left to just the knowledge and skills that we have acquired on own are destined to not succeed.

The reasons are simple.  Things change.  What worked 1, 10 years or even 6 months ago may not be what is needed for today and better yet for the upcoming 12 months.  The world continues to evolve and because of the Internet people have access to more information and moreover access to the entire world market.  Today’s companies are competing not only against other products down the street, state or country but rather against an ever increasing/sophisticated shopper.

If any of us continues to try and go it alone and not seek ideas from within or outside our companies than you may as well get ready to prepare your business burial plot.  Step out of your comfort zone and learn from those who have different life experiences.  The great thing about listening to people and their ideas is that their perspective will always be different than yours. 

No one will ever view your company in the same way as you because their passion is different than yours.   They may look at your company in a different light but continual success comes from being able to see things from multiple perspectives.  Surround yourself with good “business partners” because they know the value of relationships and realize that your success ultimately translates into their success.

Next time you are presented with an obstacle and believe you have exhausted all of your ideas, take a look around you and give someone else a listen.  You will be surprised where some of your best future ideas come from.

Jeffrey A. Mohr – Founder
Rdestiny, LLC – Business Consultants