Article 28: Internal Fortitude – The Breakfast of Champions!

There are many reasons why one business succeeds and another does not but one thing that remains a constant is their level of Internal Fortitude.  That little extra something that successful business people can draw from and put in play when needed.   Keeping a positive attitude about your circumstances is going to allow you to be more creative in coming up with solutions and solving problems.  We all have down moments but that is the key to it.  Keep those down times compartmentalized into “Moments”.  I’m not saying live with your head in the clouds and not know what is going on around you but rather have an understanding of the circumstances but a belief that if you do all you can do then it will all work out for your good.  More times than not it will work out in ways other than how you had it planned but never the less it will work out and keep you in the game.

Take time to look at your circumstances from a third party objective view point.  If someone came up to you and explained the situation in the terms you know to be true, what would you tell them to do?  Then become a Nike enthusiast and “Just Do It”.  If it is a good enough solution for someone else why wouldn’t you take it to heart and work the plan for your own situation?

Realize your most dominant thoughts will guide your perspective about any situation.  Your mind will continue to move towards those thoughts so you have the option to either make them productive or destructive.  Make sure you choose which way you want to think because if you don’t than a choice will be made for you and the odds are heavily stacked against that choice being positive.  To keep your edge you must continual keep your mind engaged with productive, pleasing outcomes.  Sure things don’t always work out as planned but what if they did?  Wouldn’t that be the life you would choose to live?  Continue to train your mind to work in the realm of positive possibilities and you are on your way to a very fulfilling life.

Never forget that there is never a better person you could invest in than yourself.  Sure the outside view of others appears to be appealing but you never know everything that is going on with that person, how they think, act or what they would do in specific circumstances.  However, no one knows you better than yourself.  You know your faults but you also know your hearts desire.  There is no one more perfectly placed in your life that could put together exactly what you need when you need it.  Even when circumstances or desires change you know how you will react before anyone else. 

Take time out each day to get to know yourself better.  Realize that none of us are perfect or have arrived at our desired destination.  Many of us do have an abundance of certain things and maybe even a positive disposition but I do not know any person who can truly say that they have arrived and that they have all what they desire.  Material things are easy to spot and really easier to obtain than many of the truly important intangibles such as; Health, Good Success, Loving Family, Strong Self Esteem, Positive Outlook, Security, Faith, Love, or Hope.

Never loose Hope.  Hope is what dreams are made, life revolves around and your future becomes!  Keep Hope alive through your internal fortitude and everything else will fall in line.

Jeffrey A. Mohr – Founder
Rdestiny, LLC – Business Consultants