Article 26: Expect the Best!

Those who wait, expect, look and hope for the best renew their strength and receive what they are expecting.  You must have a confident expectancy of good things.  Hope mixed with expectancy makes up our dreams.   You are in complete control of your expectations.  You set the limits and the speed at which you will arrive.  You are your own personal autobahn.

What type of expectations do you have?  Are they positive, negative or neutral?  No matter how you answered know – you determine if it will happen.  You will never rise above your level of expectancy.  Start expecting to overcome every challenge you face.  Know that all of your needs will be met. 

If you never expect good things to happen or for things to get better than I can guarantee you that they won’t.  Your mind is your most valuable asset.  You determine the thoughts you fill it up with and how you want it to react.  Your mind controls your will as well as your emotions.  Take control of your thoughts and dictate what will and will not be apart of your destiny.

Live every day of your life filled with anticipation that you are going to be blessed abundantly above and beyond anything you could have thought, dreamed or imagined.

Jeffrey A. Mohr – Founder
Rdestiny, LLC – Business Consultant