Article 25: Meet your new BEST friend – Consistency!

There are very few truths in the world that ring truer than that of Consistency.  It doesn’t matter what you desire, want or believe because without consistency you will never have any of them.

The fact of the matter is that most of us treat consistency like one of our favorite jackets.  We use it when we either need it, want it or it happens to coordinate with the outfit we are wearing.  Otherwise it just sits in the closet and waits for either the weather to turn, our attitude to change or for that coordinating outfit to make it back into the rotation.

Consistency needs to be treated like our other essential daily needs.  It should run in the same crowd as food, water and shelter.  Things we seek out and do every day to ensure that we are around for one more day.  We all either know people or have heard/read stories about those who have achieved great feats.  None of them reached their level of success without doing something consistently.  You don’t win the “Masters”, “Become a Supreme Court Justice”, or even finish reading a book without being consistent. 

What stops consistency?  It is the lack of passion, discipline and desire to do what needs to be done when you don’t’ want to do it.  Most of us aren’t going to make a run for the “Masters” or “Supreme Court Justice” but we all have things we want to get a handle on.  Whether it is to become more fit, reduce stress or climb to the next level in the corporate ladder.  Nothing happens if we don’t first make a commitment to ourselves that whatever course of action we choose to take, to accomplish the goal, we must be consistent.  Understanding that circumstances can arise which may slightly detour our daily regime  but knowing that one set back will not derail us or keep us from getting back in step the following day.

It has been written, and proven out by many, including myself, that anything done for 30 days in a row will produce a habit.  That habit will translate to a lifestyle and the lifestyle will put things in motion to get the task accomplished.  Now keep in mind this tried and true method works both ways.   So if you do things, on a daily basis, which are not in your best interest, you will reap those results as well.  Know this that whatever you are doing, daily, in your life is creating either results you long for or situations you will have to battle back from. 

I dare you today to take time out and identify those goals you want to succeed in as well as those which are no longer moving in the right direction and put a plan in place which will allow for you to be consistent and get you where you want to go.

The key is be consistent, work the plan, and see how consistency becomes the best friend you ever had!

Jeffrey A. Mohr – Founder
Rdestiny, LLC – Business Consultants