Article 24: Get the Strife Out of Here!

Very few people intentionally invite strife to come into their life and becomes apart of our daily lives without us even knowing it.  It is usually created by negative people and/or circumstances in our business and/or personal life.  Strife destroys peace and replaces it with worry, transforms hope into fear, and joy into sorrow.

You must constantly stay on guard against strife by making the decision to walk in love and peace.   It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t express your displeasure or desire for a different outcome to the people involved in a negative circumstance but rather know you are making a conscience choice to not let people, their discouraging words, behavior or unethical practices take root.  When negative people or events come into your life remember you don’t have to drop to there level but instead realize wrong has been done to you, choose to learn from the experience, and avoid having the offense be repeated.  Our outward emotions will always want to go to battle but let cooler minds prevail and you will ensure that your emotions will not be taken hostage by the situation.

Keeping strife out of your life is critical to enjoying good mental/physical health while being emotionally available to those who are important to you.  Proving your point is one thing but sometimes it is better to make a point than to spend unnecessary time trying to school people who aren’t ready for an education. 

As you honor and prefer others you will discover a new level of peace and rest you’ve never experienced before.  Victory and abundance are your friends!  Get to know them by not allowing strife into your life!

Jeffrey A. Mohr – Founder
Rdestiny, LLC – Business Consultants