Article 2 - Create a Vision of Victory!

Military leaders are a great example of this principle.  They know that there are many components which come into play in order to achieve victory in the battlefield but any plan must first start off with the proper vision.  The vision determines the strategy which guides the progressive steps towards the ultimate goal - Victory.  Do you have a vision of victory?  If not or if your vision no longer is moving you towards the place of your destiny then you need to let go of your old ways of thinking and take hold of new innovations or process’ that are there for you.

Your business or professional career choice was chosen because you had a vision on how to satisfy a need which existed.  However, many times what was the answer in the start up of your business or career is no longer providing the results you need today.  Conditions change, consumer attitudes get readjusted and even though there may still be a place for your product/service in the market, it more than likely needs to be updated, re-branded or improved.  Yesterday’s success, left as is, hardly ever translates into today’s victory. 

To give your business a future and hope you must update your vision and create an environment for it to grow.  Regardless of what good or bad has happened, in the past, you must see the future as a place where you can thrive and not just survive.  Alone you can not turn your past setbacks around but by increasing your knowledge and expanding your network you can take a setback and turn it into success! 

Start today by declaring you no longer are going to let people or circumstances dictate your vision but rather you are going to take a stand, see things clearer than ever before and create a vision which will allow you to be victorious!

Jeffrey A. Mohr – Founder
Rdestiny, LLC – Business Consultants