Article 19: Take A Stand!

Very few people take a stand when it comes to anything anymore.  The reasons are simple.  Taking a position on anything opens you up for attack and forces you to defend your stand while staying off your detractors.  It is during these times that you have to hold to your convictions and the truths which have guided you to take on something bigger.   Progress takes place when you dig in your boots and make up your mind that you will face the challenges and hold fast to your convictions, which are the foundation for your decision.

Taking a stand makes a declaration to yourself and those around you regarding your willingness to not only endure the hardships but also to enjoy the spoils.  Stay on course by not allowing yourself to be distracted by outside influences.  Continue to smile through adversity knowing you will end up on top because you will not quit nor allow for your position to be weakened.

Increase your stand position by increasing the amount of time you study your industry, give to others and serve your clients.  By taking a stand in all areas you assure yourself victory in every area!

Jeffrey A. Mohr – Founder
Rdestiny, LLC – Business Consultants