Article 18: Thoughts Are Your Doorway Towards Opportunity!

What you think determines what you will receive and the quality of life you will enjoy.  Because the environment we live and work in is which involves stress, turmoil and an increased pace, it is imperative that we think on things that are good, positive and productive for us. 

Since we have so many types of media at our disposal it makes it even more important that we guard our mind, eyes and ears.  Don’t let outside influences dictate who you are and slowly deceive you into lowering your self image or expectations.  Remove all questionable activity from your life so that your mental focus is strong and without distraction.

Fill your mind with thoughts of increase, happiness, abundance, security and wisdom.  Rest your confidence on your past victories and the promise of a bright future.  Ensure your success by constantly increasing the positive influences available to your mind through encourages thoughts and motivational images. 

Every day you have a choice to either let your thoughts pull you down or take you towards better opportunities!  Choose Opportunity!

Jeffrey A. Mohr – Founder
Rdestiny, LLC – Business Consultants