Article 14: Keep Yourself Well Fed!

I only wish the title meant that I now had a license to eat as much and as often as I wanted.  However, that would only slow down my progress.  It is imperative that we spend as much money and time on our mind as we do on our bodies.  We live in an incredible technological age where teaching tapes, books and seminars are available to us in the form of live presentations, CD’s, DVD’s, books, etc.  There is no reason to ever be left behind.  The key is that we must be creative on when and how we can get at least a few minutes of good teaching incorporated into our daily lives.

With the invention of the IPOD, CD and DVD player it is almost harder to not get a good mental meal of sound practical teaching than it is to just spend a few minutes in your car, treadmill, bathroom, or in the gym listening to tips and advice on how to become better at almost anything.  The success of books or seminar teaching on CD is just another way to get quick 10-15 minutes on your way to work.

The reason people write books or publish any type of article, including this one, are because they want to help others achieve more of what they desire.   True, there are always alterative motives or financial gain available but the bottom line is if the teaching aid isn’t worthwhile it will never stand the test of time.

Take time out, today, to get more out of life by gaining on experience others are willing to share.

Jeffrey A. Mohr – Founder
Rdestiny, LLC – Business Consultants