Article 13: The Future Is Bright!

Do not cast away your confidence because it will be richly rewarded, in due season!   Every day you have the choice to seize opportunities which are coming at you or let them pass you by.   Circumstances and people are just a few of the ways that your vision can be increased and enlarged.  Allow them take you to new levels by letting the seeds they have to offer be planted in your heart.  The difficulty is recognizing if what they are offering is a good or bad seed.  An easy test is if it makes you smile or frown.  Seeds that make you smile are usually ones of encouragement, opportunity, or challenge you to become more than you are.

Success will only come once you see yourself as successful.  Do not allow yourself to be distracted by people or events which are only there to delay your future.  Opposition never wants you to fulfill your destiny, so immediately thoughts or words will enter your mind to try and discourage you.  In order to defeat these thoughts, words or actions you must stay focused on your future, meditate on your plan, and seek out those who can help you achieve your goals.

No person can accomplish anything great, alone.  It takes people working together to create anything worthwhile.

Keep the dream alive!

Jeffrey A. Mohr – Founder
Rdestiny, LLC – Business Consultants