Article 10: Overcome Competition!

Even though it seems like life would be better without competition with the right thought process its competition that can actually make life better.  The truth of the matter is that competition forces us to remove ourselves from comfort zones and requires us to become more innovative, creative and/or efficient.  Competition is really a calling card for us that it is time to move forward with our life and realize our full potential.

It is during these times that we must embrace our competitive spirit and utilize all of the available resources to ensure we finish the race strong and on top.  The competition we face in the business world is really no different than what athletes have been experiencing since the first Olympics in Athens, Greece.  In order to defeat your competitors you must be able to distinguish yourself from those of like product.  Like an Olympic gold medal winner you will only become the leader in your respective industry if you have better technique, ability and endurance so that you can out perform and out last your competition.

Out performing your competition is one thing but you must realize that any time you take a step towards achieving your objective there will always be competitive opposition and adversity waiting for you to try and hold you back.  Keep your heart and mind open for new ideas.  Speak positive words of encouragement and success over all situations.  Do your best and your success will take care of the rest!

Jeffrey A. Mohr – Founder
Rdestiny, LLC – Business Consultants